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Pre-operative Instructions


Please do not feed your pet any food after midnight before the scheduled procedure in preparation for anesthesia.  You can feed a normal dinner, then pick up the food before you go to bed so your pet doesn't snack overnight.  Please do continue giving water.  Please do give any prescribed medications the morning of surgery.


Drop off:  All patients should be dropped off between 8:30 am - 9:30 am the day of their scheduled surgery.  If you are not able to drop off during these hours your pet can board with us the night before so that they will be ready for the procedure on the scheduled day.


Pick up:  Most surgical patients are ready to go home the same day of the procedure between 2:30 pm - 4:30 pm.  We will call you with a pick up time and ask you to check out over the phone to expedite the discharge process when you come.  If you have not heard from us by 3:30 pm, please call us to receive a pick up time.

Post-operative Instructions

Dog Spay and Castration or Cat Spay

  • Your pet has skin sutures pr staples that will need to be removed in 10 to 14 days.  Until those sutures are removed your pet should not be bathed or submerged in water to prevent bacteria from entering the wound.  If a bath is needed you can give a towel bath of the area as needed.

  • Pets will wake up from anesthesia and return to normal at different rates.  Don’t allow your pet at the top of stairs or anyplace that it could fall and get hurt.  Please only feed one quarter of a normal meal late tonight to prevent the likelyhood that your pet vomits from the effects of anesthesia.

  • Until sutures are removed your pet should be leash walked only.   Do not encourage wrestling, tug of war, or other especially active play until the sutures are removed. 

  • If we send your pet home with an E-Collar please keep it on full time until the sutures are removed so that sutures aren’t chewed out and an infection doesn’t develop.

  • An injection was given at the time of surgery for pain and inflammation.  For any surgery that may need longer term pain control we will automatically send it home.  If your pet seems especially sensitive around the incision you can call and request additional pain control.

Cat Castration (Males)

  • Follow up care for a cat castration is the same as for a spay except there are no sutures.  Unless otherwise specified you do not need to return for a follow up appointment.

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